Quarterdeck Training & Shooting Sports Weekend

Community Rod & Gun Club

7 - 9 December 2012



Ship 461 held its first Quarterdeck (now called Introduction to Leadership Skills for Sea Scouts) (ILSS) Training weekend for its newly-elected petty officers at the Community Rod & Gun Club located in Bechtelsville, Berks County, over the weekend of 7 through 9 December 2012.  The weekend was a joint trip with the Ship's sister unit, Boy Scout Troop 461, and combined training for the Ship's petty officers with a shooting sports opportunity for both units.

The photo at left shows four of the Ship's six petty officers, along with Skipper Wile (far right), after the training portion of the weekend was completed.  Skipper Wile conducted the Quarterdeck training with the assistance of the Ship's two Mates, Andrew Cowles and Randy van der Kleut.  Quarterdeck training is designed to acquaint the Ship's petty officers, who are the Ship's youth leaders, with their respective roles, duties and responsibilities.  The Ship's petty officers not only learned about their own duties, but the duties of the other petty officers and how they related to the operation of the Ship as a whole.

While the Ship was conducting its Quarterdeck (ILSS) training inside of the clubhouse, the Scouts of Troop 461 were enjoying shooting .22LR rifles on the Gun Club's rifle range under the supervision of Assistant Scoutmasters Tom Isban and Zachary Wile.  While the Sea Scouts were doing their training, the Boy Scouts went through approximately 400 rounds of .22LR ammunition on the rifle range. 

The Boy Scouts were joined by Assistant Scoutmaster Chris Gore for their morning shooting.  ASM Gore is a federal police officer and a US Naval Reserve Master at Arms and gave the Boy Scouts a quick familiarization with his personal AR-15 rifle that is configured similarly to the current US military M-4 service rifle.  ASM Gore is also planning on registering as a Mate with Ship 461 once he completes the necessary paperwork.

Once the Quarterdeck training was completed, it was the Sea Scouts' turn on the rifle range and they enjoyed shooting heavier caliber weapons such as the Mauser Kar98k rifle, which shoots a 8 millimeter cartridge, and the Springfield M1A (civilian M-14) rifle, which shoots a 7.62 x 51 millimeter cartridge.  The Sea Scouts were also introduced to some pistol shooting, utilizing both .22LR pistols as well as pistols of larger calibers, such as .40 and .45ACP pistols.  After the evening meal, the Boy Scouts went on a shopping excursion to nearby Zern's Farmer's Market in Gilbertsville while the Sea Scouts stayed behind at the gun club cabin and cleaned all of the rifles and pistols used by both units earlier in the day. 


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