Sea Scout Ship Nautilus (461)

Leadership Team


A Sea Scout Ship, like a Venture Crew or an Explorer Post, is a youth-led organization.  In a Sea Scout Ship, the youth leaders are called "petty officers."  The Ship's crew elects its own petty officers and the petty officers run the Ship's meetings, plan the programs and events, and manage the Ship in general.  Ship 461 conducts its petty officer elections during the latter part of September of each year and the newly-elected petty officers take their respective offices as of 1 October of that same year. 


The highest petty officer in a Sea Scout Ship is the Boatswain, who is assisted by several assistants called "Boatswain's Mates."  The Boatswain chairs the Ship's meetings and Quarterdeck meetings and reports directly to the Skipper.  The Ship's Purser handles the Ship's finances; the Ship's Yeoman handles the Ship's correspondence, maintains the Ship's log, and records the minutes of Ship meetings; and the Storekeeper is in charge of the Ship's equipment.  Shortly after their election, the Ship's petty officers are trained in their respective positions through a program called "Quarterdeck Training."  This training is conducted by the Ship's Skipper and takes place shortly after the election of the Ship's petty officers. 


Ship 461 Petty Officers 



            Matthew R. Ranberg


Boatswain's Mate:

            Kyle P. Coach (Program)

            Walter C. Coyne, Jr. (Administration)










Ship 461 Officers


The adult leaders of a Sea Scout ship act as advisors to the petty officers of the Ship and are referred to as "officers."  The Ship's officers do not lead the ship's activities, but assist the elected petty officers in their leadership and planning of those activities and ensure that the Ship's program and activities are consistent with the standards of the Boy Scouts of America.  The Ship's officers are also responsible for ensuring that the youth leaders are trained for their respective positions.  The chief officer of a Sea Scout Ship is known as the "Skipper" and the Skipper is assisted by several "Mates," one is primarily responsible for overseeing the Ship's program and another is primarily responsible for overseeing the Ship's administration.  The Skipper is responsible for conducting the Quarterdeck training for newly-elected Ship's petty officers.


To be registered as an adult leader of a Sea Scout Ship, an individual must be at least 21 years of age, have completed Venture Youth Protection Training, submit an adult leader application, and be approved by the Ship's sponsoring organization.  Each prospective Ship officer is subject to a criminal background check conducted by the BSA.  In order to be considered "fully trained" for their respective positions, a Sea Scout leader must have completed Venture Youth Protection, This is Scouting, and Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training.  More advanced adult leader training, Seabadge and Seabadge Underway, is available for adult Sea Scout leaders. 



         Timothy P. Wile1, 3, 6


         Andrew L. Cowles1, 3, 6 (Program)

           Paul S. Coach6 (Administration)

                  Johnathan C. Rhoads6

                  Anthony M. Rivellini1,6


Ship Committee Chair:

           Leora L. Wile, BSN, RN, CEN6


Ship's Committee:

           Fred R. Crouthamel1, 6 (Transportation)

           Fawn R. Liberto6 (Finance)

                   Zachary H.D. Wile1, 6 (IT)


Chartered Organization Representative:

                Jennifer C. Moyer6


Unit Commissioner:



1Denotes Eagle Scout

2Denotes Quartermaster

3Denotes Seabadge Trained

4Denotes Seabadge Underway Trained

5Denotes Wood Badge Trained

6Denotes Fully Trained for Position




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