2013 General Nash District


Upper Gwynedd Township Park, North Wales, PA

12 October 2013


On Saturday, 12 October 2013, more than 400 Cub Scouts, Cub Leaders, parents and siblings converged on the Upper Gwynedd Township Community Park off of Sumneytown Pike in North Wales, Pennsylvania, to take part in the General Nash District's 2013 Cub-O-Ree.  Waiting for the Cub Scouts and their families were Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Venturers from 19 Boy Scout Troops, 2 Venture Crews, and 1 Sea Scout Ship - Ship 461, all of whom were from the General Nash District.  This was Ship 461's second appearance at the General Nash Cub-O-Ree and, as was the case last year, the Ship had on display one of its 22 foot Catalina sail boats for the Cubs and their siblings to climb on and view.Ship's Sailboat on Display  This was the second year that the Ship had one of its Catalina sailboats on display at the Cub-O-Ree and again proved a hit with the Cub Scouts and their parents.  As we did in 2012, the Ship shared a campsite with Troop 461 but we were required to park our sailboat near the parking lot. 

With three of the Ship's crew members serving with Troop 461 as their senior leaders for the weekend, the Ship had only two crew members available to represent the Ship at the Cub-O-Ree.  We did, however, have five of the Ship's officers present representing the Ship.  An additional two of the Ship's officers, Mate Randy van der Kleut and Committee Member Pattie Guttenplan, were present in their roles as adult leaders for Troop 461 and assisting the Boy Scouts in performing their magic stunts for the Cub Scouts. 

Our Ship's Committee Chair, Ship Committee Chair Leora Wile, RNLeora Wile, RN, (seated left in photo to right) served as one of the duty nurses at the Cub-O-Ree.  Fortunately for Leora and her partner, most of their business on Saturday consisted of treating bee stings brought on by the nice weather.  She also did her part in providing information to parents and leaders who wandered into the pavilion, which also housed the headquarters and snack bar as well as the first aid station, about the Sea Scout program and about our Ship in particular.  In her winter dress uniform, Leora drew quite a bit of attention to herself and to the existence of the Sea Scouts.  In addition to her first aid supplies, Leora also had a supply of Ship 461 brochures and Sea Scout fact sheets to provide to interested adult leaders and parents.Ship Committee Member Zach Wile

The photo at left depicts Ship Committee Member Zach Wile taking a break from the activities in the park pavilion.  Zach is an Eagle Scout and is also a fully-trained Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 461 in additions to his duties as a member of Ship 461's Committee.  Zach was doing double-duty at the Cub-O-Ree.  While serving as one of Ship 461's officers, he was also escorting his nephew, Peyton Lugo, a 2nd year Webelo with Pack 399, around to the various stations at the Cub-O-Ree.  Program Mate Andy CowlesZach was one of two of the Ship's officers who stayed overnight at the Cub-O-Ree. 

Also present for the entire weekend was our Ship's Program Mate, Andy Cowles.  Andy was responsible for transporting and setting up the Catalina sailboat for the weekend and the sailboat served as his lodging for the event.  Saturday night, both he and Zach stayed aboard the Catalina.  Apparently, the berths aboard the Catalina were more comfortable and appealing to them than was a ground bed inside of a tent.

The other two Ship's officers rounding out the Ship's presence at Cub-O-Ree were Skipper Tim Wile and Mate Paul S. Coach.

The two crew members representing the Ship at Cub-O-Ree were Boatswain's Mate for Administration Kyle Coach and Storekeeper Matt Ranberg.Ship's Storekeeper Matt Ranberg      The photo below left depicts Storekeeper Ranberg during one of the lulls in the day.  The major activity for our campsite was the Troop's magic tricks and clowning around.  Both Boatswain's Mate Coach and Storekeeper Ranberg were kept busy for most of the day passing out Sea Scout fact sheets and Ship 461 informational brochures to interested adult leaders and parents who stopped by the Ship's display.

Our Ship also did a little fund-raising at the Cub-O-Ree, raffling off a pound of Hawaiian Kona coffee that had been donated to the Ship by one of the adult leaders.  Tickets for the pound of Kona coffee, which was valued between $40 and $50, were sold for $1 each or six tickets for $5.  A drawing was held at 1530 at which time the lucky winner stepped forward to claim his prize.  All of the proceeds from the raffle went into the Ship's treasury.Ship 461 Station at Cub-O-Ree

The photo at right shows our Ship's informational station that was set up at Cub-O-Ree.  The 22 foot Catalina can be seen in the background and a number of Ship members can be seen gathered around the picnic table.Personnel at Cub-O-Ree  The photo below left shows Skipper Wile, along with Storekeeper Ranberg (center) and Boatswain's Mate Brandon Rhoads (in scout uniform with red nose).  Brandon was acting in his capacity as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader with Troop 461 for the weekend, providing some additional leadership to the Boy Scouts and assisting the adult leaders of the Troop.  Other Ship 461 petty officers who camped with Troop 461 for the Cub-O-Ree weekend were Purser Aaron Guttenplan, who also serves as the Troop's Senior Patrol Leader, and Yeoman Sean van der Kleut, who serves as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 461.Cubs aboard the Catalina  The photo below left shows some of the Cub Scouts climbing aboard our Catalina to get a closer look at the sailboat.  Boatswain's Mate Kyle Coach and Storekeeper Matt Ranberg are aboard to ensure that the Cubs get aboard safely and provide a quick tour of the Catalina and its cabin.Ship 461 Officers










The photo above right shows Skipper Tim Wile, Mate Paul Coach, and Committee Member Zach Wile at our station during the lunch break.  The photo at left depicts Boatswain's Mate Kyle Coache assisting Scout Christian van der Kleut in demonstrating to a visiting Cub Pack one of their magic acts/games of skill.The Catalina at night  The Scouts from the Troop and the crew members from the Ship worked well together to ensure that the Cubs and their parents and siblings had a good time at our joint station. 

The Cub-O-Ree is designed to show the Cub Scouts of the General Nash District what the District's various Boy Scout Troops have to offer them when they reach the age of eleven and look forward to bridging over to the Boy Scout program.  The Cubs are only present at the event for the day on Saturday, with the finale being a 125 foot ice cream sundae that is eagerly devoured by the Cubs and their siblings - usually in record time. 

The Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, and Sea Scout Ships usually stay the entire weekend, from Friday night when most of the activities are set up, until Sunday morning, when the camp is taken down and the Scouts return to their homes.  Rather than setting up a tent for the weekend, Mate Andy Cowles and Committee Member Zach Wile took advantage of the Catalina's cabin and used that as their residence for the weekend.  Sunday morning, however, Zach and Andy were awakened by some rough seas caused by other adult leaders shaking the sailboat to ensure that they were awake. 

The photo at right shows the Catalina prepared for the night, with its pop-top raised to provide extra headroom in the cabin, and its interior lights and running lights illuminated.  Nearly all of the lights on the Catalina are LEDs and do not draw much power from the battery.  Additionally, a 30 watt flexible solar panel is installed on the Catalina's foredeck and provides power during the day to charge the vessel's battery or to provide power to the electronics onboard.


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