Haliburton Scout Reserve


12-20 July 2013


Sailing was not our only boating activity during our week at Haliburton Scout Reserve.  The Sea Scouts of Ship 461 and the Boy Scouts of Troop 461 also took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time on Lake Kenabe in kayaks.  The camp staff provided our Scouts with approximately an hour's worth of instruction on the basics of kayaking and our Scouts did the rest.  The photo below left depicts Aaron Guttenplan and Sean van der Kleut getting used to their kayaks before trying out any of the maneuvers required for the Kayaking merit badge.  The photo below right shows a besieged Boatswain Walter Coyne in the midst of Scouts practicing tipping their kayaks and re-entering them from the water.













The requirements for Kayaking merit badge involve more than simply knowing how to get into and out of a kayak and how to paddle one around.  It was also necessary for the Scouts to demonstrate that they could right a swamped kayak, maneuver a swamped kayak, and assist other kayakers who were less fortunate then were they.  The photo below left shows Walter Coyle flooding his kayak while the photo below right shows Walter Coyle assisting Sean van der Kleut re-entering his kayak from the water.













The photo below left shows a number of our Scouts and Sea Scouts with their capsized and swamped kayaks. 











The Scouts appeared to enjoy the kayaks since they were all one-person vessels and the Scouts could go where they pleased without worrying about another person in the same vessel. 



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